Summer time

So it is summer. And I know, I have been quite absent.  I was on a journey where I put aside all technology and tried to focus on absorbing all the life around me, living into the now and here. Hmmm… The truth? Laziness got the best of me. But I also did try to focus on living into the now and here. It is harder than it sounds. Though it might not be the case with everyone – for instance, see the feline in the photo below (photo courtesy of a good friend). Wonderful summer laziness, when you try to get from one place to another and just give up and crash somewhere.

Summer cat

Summer life



I call her “Crazy Cat” because, each time we meet, she goes completely nuts, all the way into game mode, jumping around and scratching whatever poles she can find. Meet CC.


Winter cats

I have not posted in a while, but that does not mean that I have not been on the lookout for beautiful felines. Before posting any of my own shots, here are some taken by a dear friend and cat lover, who has kindly shared his photos of some felines he met during the past few days.



As for this last one, she is one of my favorites –  lazy, enjoying the warmth of the winter sun. Image

Dumpster Guardian

Dumpster Guardian

Picture taken by one of my fans.
Everyone, meet the Dumpster Guardian, locally known as DG. This cat is the owner and full-time user of the dumpster behind it, and, should anyone else wish to make use of its property, he/she must enter a lengthy application procedure. Respect to you, fellow feline!

Cat Dealer

Now this is a job i wouldn’t recommend taking. I sincerely doubt that there was any job application or selection process involved, and that, rather, the cat was forced into doing this. Creative, but nevertheless lame. 

I am of course talking about the recent incident in Moldova, where a cat was caught while carrying bags of cannabis. The BBC article mentions that there have been many such attempts at using felines to do humans’ dirty work, with cats having to smuggle heroin or even mobile phones. I am speechless, while amazed by what some time in jail and the need for drugs can do to one’s creativity levels.